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You might be interested in some of our existing products:-


Manage your staff timesheets with our biometric time & attendance system. With our computer-based approach a full view of current status of each employee is viewable with a single screen. No need to browse through a menu to determine if a user is signed in for duty or not. Prevent time fraud with our built in over maximum time locking system. Manage employee schedules, sick leave and leave. Generate pay-slips with a click of a button. Full audit reporting. Modular access control.


Our Packhouse intake management software ensures an easy and accurate process flow and control during fruit/vegetable packing. Record the product from growers with fine precision to allow tracing directly from the orchard, condition of product, classification, calculation of earning for growers and packers and annual reporting. Manage exports, easily weigh pallets with our touch screen scale interface unit and automatically update pallet records with automatic capture


RentCon makes renting out your fleet of vehicles seem like child’s play. Easily schedule booking time with our MS Outlook Calendar like calendar with each vehicle having its own timeline. Each booking automatically generates an invoice to your customer based on booking time. Manage your client database with an attractive client card base system.


Conduct baseline studies easily and accurately using our electronic survey system. Android based tablets running BaseApp enable field workers to conduct surveys which is uploaded via GSM data networks to your database in real time. Log additional information of each survey such as location and a photo of the dwelling or interviewee. Verify questionnaires with a management application. Generate analytic reports and earnings of each field worker.

Secure Backup

Ever wanted to backup sensitive information to the cloud, but was worried about the security of your information once it resides on someone else’s storage? If so, this is the tool for you. Compress and encrypt your data with strong encryption algorithms before it is uploaded to foreign storage. When you restore the system will decrypt the file back to its original state. Automatically manage secondary backup of files to external hard drive storage in a rotation operations mode.

Smart Irrigator

Automate irrigation to your crop / garden with our smart irrigation system. Base system has 8 outputs and 7 analogue inputs to monitor temperature, soil moisture, water flow, rain etc. Expand the output channels in numbers of 8 by adding add-on expansion boards. Connect and communicate to the system via XBee or Wifi radio modules. Log information to SD card. Use Open-Weather API to monitor possibility of rain before irrigating in order to save water. Setup schedules and conditions for each output channel based on day/time or analogue input thresholds.